You Can Openly Explore These Parks, But Should You?

Theme parks are supposed to make your dreams come true, not haunt them. As a little kid, nothing would excite me more than going to Holiday World in Indiana as I didn't live too far from it and was one of my favorite places to be. But many amusement parks across the world will now … Continue reading You Can Openly Explore These Parks, But Should You?

Iowa Hauntings: Spooky and Creepy Places

Iowa is flooded with paranormal locations as most of them are already widely known and discussed in the paranormal field. Below are a handful of haunted hotspots in Iowa! The Villisca Ax Murder House Located in Villisca, Iowa, this famous house has a chilling history that leads to its modern-day hauntings. It was the location … Continue reading Iowa Hauntings: Spooky and Creepy Places

Eastern State Penitentiary

I figured it was about time to write about a paranormally active prison. And the Eastern State Penitentiary is the one to start on as it is one of my favorites! Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the most haunted prisons to this day as it holds the residual energy of its cruel past. And … Continue reading Eastern State Penitentiary

Haunted Castles of Ireland

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and simply due to the fact that I love discussing Ireland, it's haunted castles, and the enriched history behind them, I have compiled a list of Ireland's most paranormally active/abandoned castles! Now enjoy some Irish history and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! Ballygally Castle in County Antrim Photo (Unedited) … Continue reading Haunted Castles of Ireland

Paranormal California

California is known for its sunny days, beautiful scenery and is home to many, many celebrities of Hollywood. But its also a state full of haunted locations. Enjoy the following as I list off some of these paranormal destinations and take note if you're planning a trip! Hotel del Coronado By Armandoartist This Victorian beachfront … Continue reading Paranormal California