Creepy Facts and Stories That May Haunt You Tonight

When it comes to this blog, I'm always searching for spooky paranormal topics that will hopefully intrigue you. And although I've never really had the goal of scaring you, I know I'm not the only person in the world who loves being scared when it comes to the macabre and horror.So what's more scarier than … Continue reading Creepy Facts and Stories That May Haunt You Tonight

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Over the years, there have been countless pictures taken by people from all over the world, who have claimed to capture ghostly entities. But there is one that tends to stick out a lot more than others and still astounds us almost a century later. In 1936, the ghostly apparition was captured by Captain Hubert … Continue reading The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Orbs: Mystical or Misidentification?

Have you ever taken a picture only to discover a strange ball of light photo bombing? If so, you're certainly not alone as the concept of orbs have floated (hehe) around for years, along with theories meant to disprove the phenomenon. Many paranormal experts and investigators believe that these artifacts are spirits in another form … Continue reading Orbs: Mystical or Misidentification?

Celebrity Believers

There are many paranormal believers out there. If you were to gather a group of people into one room, you would surely have one or two believers among you. Paranormal phenomena is even more common than we think it is and isn't limited to those who are not in the public eye. Countless celebrities have … Continue reading Celebrity Believers

Paranormal Vs. Supernatural

In recent years, the words paranormal and supernatural along with their meanings have been thought of as interchangeable and relatively the same. Many believe that they both mean something that's outside the realm of normal and explainable. While this is generally the case, there's much to it than people know. Paranormal When we use the … Continue reading Paranormal Vs. Supernatural

International Spooks: The World’s Creepiest Islands

On Paranormal Ally, we've discussed some of the creepiest and spookiest places across the United States and the world. But I've never thought about how haunting islands could be as they are prone to seclusion and secrets. Who knows what stories they hold? Let's find out... Warning: the following post contain stories of murder and … Continue reading International Spooks: The World’s Creepiest Islands

The Jersey Devil, A Compelling Cryptid

It's been a good while since I've delved into the world of cryptids but it's still a topic that I have a deep fascination for. With so many various cryptic creatures out there to discuss, it can be difficult to pick apart fantasy from reality. One of the most intriguing cryptids, in my opinion, is … Continue reading The Jersey Devil, A Compelling Cryptid

Macabre Maine

The state of Maine seems to be quite beautiful during the day, creating a serene home for those who stay and a stunning vacation spot for those just stopping by. From their lobster to their lighthouses, Maine has a lot to offer and this includes those who are intrigued by the spooky environment that unveils … Continue reading Macabre Maine