Paranormal Misconceptions

When it comes to the paranormal, like any other debatable topic, there are plenty of misinformation and misconceptions that make it quite difficult to decipher the truth. While I am not a paranormal expert, it's a topic I've been passionate about for years. Of course, because the paranormal is something we do not fully understand, … Continue reading Paranormal Misconceptions

Paranormal Vs. Supernatural

In recent years, the words paranormal and supernatural along with their meanings have been thought of as interchangeable and relatively the same. Many believe that they both mean something that's outside the realm of normal and explainable. While this is generally the case, there's much to it than people know. Paranormal When we use the … Continue reading Paranormal Vs. Supernatural

The Paranormal Side of the Moon

For ages, we have looked upon the moon in amazement, believing that it has mystical properties that can have an effect on us and our planet like our ancestors did when they based the calenders they built on the phases of the moon. Although that system may have changed a bit, there is just no … Continue reading The Paranormal Side of the Moon

Frightening Cases of Exorcism and Possession

For centuries, people have been terrorized by the idea that the dead can inhabit the living by possession, as exorcisms and demonic spirits have had some part to play in basically every religion throughout history. Most of us today know of them through stories passed down and through modern media depictions, such as The Exorcist … Continue reading Frightening Cases of Exorcism and Possession

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The Werewolf: Fact or Fiction?

The werewolf is one of the most famous creatures of folklore still to this day, though media depictions of the werewolf in modern times greatly differs from the half man-half beast in early European folklore (along with other cultures). What is a werewolf? Incase you didn't already know, a werewolf is a mythological human who … Continue reading The Werewolf: Fact or Fiction?

The Black-Eyed Children Legend

For decades, tales of black-eyed children have been told all around. Most of these stories are similar in nature—a set of children, typically between the ages of 6 and 16, who approach your doorstep, are hitchhiking, or come up to you in some way and urge for assistance. And you almost feel compelled to abide … Continue reading The Black-Eyed Children Legend