This House is Free!

I’d love a free house, though it does sound too good to be true, right? Well, the owners of the home came forward with their story and their reasoning behind why this house, located in Lafayette, Louisiana, needs to go as there are a couple catches…

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The story starts with a Facebook post where owner Sylvia McClain decides to share photos of the home in an attempt to persuade potential homeowners to claim and move the home off of the property so that they may still utilize the land it currently sits on.

However, many took to the comments, not to take advantage of the offer, but to share their terrifying paranormal experiences about the home. So much so, that it has been compared to the Amityville Horror house! I know a lot of people would be very intrigued to live in a haunted home, though honestly, I don’t know if I could live in a home that compares to one of the most haunted and frightening home in the country! Sure, I’ve lived in a pretty haunted home for thirteen years and had too many experiences to count and I’d investigate but not live here!

One responder (Dawn) intrigued others as she told of how her great grandmother, named Adele Vincent, actually died in the home and ‘stirs the pot’ both figuratively and literally as she takes to the kitchen quite often. Dawn’s grandparents built and owned the family’s part of the plantation, as Adele lived there for most of her life until she passed away in the front room of the home in 1967. Dawn, herself, lived in the home for a little while in the 80s as she does firmly believe her great grandmother still resides, though she says “she’s not menacing at all” and simply lingers in the kitchen, messing around with the pots and kitchenware.

The 160-acre plantation was originally built in the 1930s and contains four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Sylvia is familiar with the rumors and stories of the haunting as she actually went to school with Dawn!

Another commenter by the name of Gary Alleman said that he had three experiences in the home, while his friend who was living there at the time had even more paranormal happenings occur. Another said that they even though it’s in pretty good shape for being built so long ago, a lot of ‘weird noises in the ceilings and walls’ was prevalent with the house. A lot of people agree that it will likely remain haunted and that building a new home will likely still contain what resides and is attached to the land itself.

While the hauntings and the paranormal occurrences do tend to deter people from taking a chance on the plantation, another reasoning would be the cost. The home itself is free, though as I mentioned, it would need to be removed from the property which Sylvia estimated that it would be about $40,000 to do so. She does offer a way to have it moved to the potential buyer if they have it within a 2 mile radius, it could be moved all in one piece though that does depend on what may be in the way of travel.

The more I dug into this story, the more that it sounded better, though still I don’t have any plans to move to Louisiana! But I do hope that you enjoyed this week’s post as I have another one coming your way next Monday at noon! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more history and haunts!


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