A Kentucky Nightclub or Nightmare

I’m the type of person to choose a night at home with a book rather than go out to a club. And after hearing about this location, I’m grateful for that.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Bobby Mackey’s Music World. The nightclub, located in Wilder, Kentucky, looks pretty innocent, unless you are aware of the claims and stories told by Bobby Mackey, himself. It is promoted and betrayed to be ‘the most haunted nightclub in America’ as it honestly doesn’t surprise me if the following stories are based on truth.

As Bobby tells, the site was a slaughterhouse back in the early 1800s and was later torn down to be replaced by a roadhouse that assumed many names, such as the Brisbane, until Bobby purchased it in 1978. Since the transition, many go as far as to say the building is a ‘portal to hell’ and is haunted by spirits, which includes Pearl Bryan, as her body was found in a field 2.5 miles away from the location in Fort Thomas. A common theory behind her death was the cause of Satanists (using here at a sacrifice), who then placed a curse on the location and promised to haunt anyone and everyone involved in prosecuting the case of her demise.

Another story tells of a pregnant dancer by the name of Johanna who took her own life by poisoning herself after her father murdered her lover Robert Randall by hanging him in the dressing room.

While according to many witness and visitors, the place is truly terrifying and haunted, but there are others, like reporters and science writers, who believe these claims of hauntings and murders and the club having a ‘portal to hell’ is not backed up by anything substantial.
However, from my own prior research, it’s quite common for events to be purposely hidden from public records or records of any kind. Of course a portal to hell is very unlikely be backed up by anything scientific, it’s not something a lot of us can wrap our heads around, let alone find physical evidence of. There is a reason why uncommon and unbelievable events are pinned as paranormal…meaning we can’t explain it just yet.

While I haven’t been to the location…yet, I wouldn’t be against it. But going into haunted locations, having an open mind is one of the most important things. If you visit with a mindset of ‘I won’t experience anything, it’s all just fake’, then guess what? You likely won’t experience anything if your mind is already closed off to it. But with a location like Bobby Mackey’s with potentially malevolent forces, always be careful.

If you’d like to see more about Bobby Mackey’s Music World, below are a list of ways!
~ BuzzFeed Unsolved titled “The Ghosts and Demons of Bobby Mackey’s”
~ TV show, Paranormal Lockdown on Dec 11, 2018, season 3, episode 4, on the Destination America channel
~ Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places in America
~ Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Season 1, Episode 1
~ National Geographic Channel’s documentary series Is It Real? featured the nightclub in 2006
~ The nightclub was featured on the SyFy program Ghost Hunters in 2011
~ TV show Portals to Hell on May 10, 2019, season 1, episode 3, on the Travel Channel
~  Discovery Channel’s docudrama series A Haunting in 2006
If you’d like to read more on the nightclub…
~ Hell’s Gate: Terror at Bobby Macky’s Music World on Amazon
~ Ghosts of Bobby Mackey’s Music World on Amazon

Currently, Bobby Mackey’s is thriving as a night club with country music, line dancing, with regular ghost tours! Visit and support their site at https://www.bobbymackeys.com/ and let me know if you’d had any experiences here!

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