Paranormal Misconceptions

When it comes to the paranormal, like any other debatable topic, there are plenty of misinformation and misconceptions that make it quite difficult to decipher the truth. While I am not a paranormal expert, it’s a topic I’ve been passionate about for years. Of course, because the paranormal is something we do not fully understand, I don’t believe there are pure ‘facts’ but rather more truthful instances than others, based on my experiences and what I’ve learned throughout the years. Below are quite of few of these misconceptions.

“Ghosts are spirits”
This one is probably the most common one I’ve heard as we often use them interchangeably. I am guilty as well but there is a difference. A ghost is an entity that is likely not aware of their death and are tied to the location where they died and have “unfinished business” as perhaps they just are just so connected to a location that they are not able to leave. Ghosts can also take form of a dark energy if the death was violent and/or sudden.
A spirit is a knowing and intelligent form of the previous personality of the deceased individual who likely died in a common or normal way (such as old age or a long-standing disease). Spirits are also not necessary tied to one specific place and are free to move between ‘dimensions’ with free will. It is actually more likely to come in contact with a spirit rather than a ghost.

“Evil spirits are demons”
Again, one I’ve heard quite often. While malevolent entities can reveal to be demons, that’s not always the case. Spirits and ghosts can both be dark or not very friendly, but that doesn’t mean they’re demonic. As stated above, a ghost can depict itself as a dark energy if their death was anything but peaceful, while spirits are more intelligent and can be ‘unclean’ if not spiritually cleansed. Both a dark ghost and spirit can physically effect us, though they can’t possess an individual. In basic terms, a demon is a demon. For example, watch The Exorcist or any possession move.

“The Paranormal and Supernatural are the same”
I wrote about this awhile ago in ‘Paranormal vs. Supernatural‘ as I go into more depth, but to shorten it here, they are not the same. The paranormal entails research and phenomena that may one day be more understood and accepted, while the supernatural is something so far beyond the realm of our understanding, that we’ll likely never be able to explain it. I don’t know how far in time that the paranormal will be understood but I believe we’ll get there, but the supernatural pertains to subjects such as God, the Devil, and the afterlife as a whole. While we use religion to accept and interpret the afterlife, it is still not a ‘proven’ or ‘factual’ way to prove the supernatural as I honestly don’t think we’ll ever be able. But who knows?

“Cemeteries are the most haunted locations”
It’s completely understandable to think that a place where hundreds of deceased bodies lay underground could be the most paranormally active location you can find. However, what lays underground is not the soul, but the body that once housed it. Of course cemeteries can be haunted but it’s actually not very common as once the body dies, the spirit (or ghost) leaves it behind and it’s doubtful the spirit will remain at the cemetery. A ghost could reside if they are tied to the cemetery or if they are connected or bonded to it, but again, that’s not likely either. And while it may it may be intriguing to bring a Ouija board to a cemetery or graveyard, please don’t…whatever you communicate with may be something you do not want following you home..

“Ghosts are more active at night”
While a lot of paranormal teams opt for darkness to ghost hunt, it’s not really necessary as far as activity of the entities. Day or night, you can catch paranormal evidence. I can attest to this as I’ve had more experiences during the day than I have at night.

“Old, abandoned buildings are probably haunted”
Have you ever driven by a run down mansion or a home that’s close to falling apart and think “I bet that place of haunted!”? I definitely have! There’s something about creepy, decrepit buildings that makes one wonder or automatically believe that is just has to be haunted. Though in reality, it probably isn’t. While it is of course possible, many abandoned buildings are just that; abandoned and left alone to decay with time.

What do you think of the above misconceptions? Let me know by commenting below and thank you very much for sticking around and being apart of Paranormal Addict! This blog has been up for 2 years now as it’s great to see such progress! I look forward to continuing to bring you fascinating, chilling posts full of history and haunts!

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