5 More Frightening Games

It blew me away at how much you guys enjoyed my other Frightening Games post! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted it, but it continues to get support, so I thought I’d give it a part 2! However, I do want to place a disclaimer as I do not endorse the participation in the following games/activities, as it is for entertainment purposes only. Get comfortable and turn off the lights.

Baby Blue

You’ll need the lights off for this one! Baby Blue is similar to Bloody Mary, though a little more creepy in my opinion. Go to your dark bathroom and stand in front of your mirror (I mean, why not?). Form your arms in a way as if you’re cradling a baby. As you repeat the words “Baby Blue” you’re likely to feel your arms getting slowly but steadily heavier and heavier. Now here’s the thing: get rid of the ‘baby’ quickly by flushing it (yes, I said FLUSH it, as you’re in a bathroom) before the baby’s mother lunges out of the mirror in an attempt to murder you.

Spirit of the Door

Also referred to as The Ghost Paper Challenge, this is a chance to ask a ghost or spirit anything. I’m sure we’ve all wanted to ask something, right? If you’re brave enough to preform this alone (and aren’t worried about losing sleep), start shortly before 3 in the morning, by flooding your home in darkness all except a single candle which you will light in a closed room. At exactly 3 AM, knock on the door (must be closed) three times while repeating, “Spirit of the Door, I welcome you. Make yourself present and come through.” After, use a pen and paper to write your desired question then slide it halfway under the door, leaving the pen on top.
Wait a few minutes: if the paper is how you left it, the attempt is a failed one. You may try again at your own volition.

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However, if the paper if gone, you may be receiving a message from this entity, though if the paper does not return, abandon the game and return later, but stay in the room and do not open the door until the morning. If the paper DOES reappear, read the message. Though, do not attempt more than 3 questions at a time. If ever you receive a warning or are told to leave, you should listen.

The Picture Game

The goal of this game is to capture your own paranormal evidence!
Requirements: String or a rope, two small mirrors, a camera (flash on), a glass filled with alcohol (no, I don’t mean get drunk), and a sharp utensil like a knife or scissors (please use with extreme caution).
To start, make a circle with the rope or string and tie a knot. Then place it in the center of the room on the floor. Place the glass of alcohol in the middle of the circle then sit around the circle with the mirrors in front of you, pointed towards the ceiling.
Following these instructions, it’s time to close your eyes, hold hands with each person participating and tell them each, “I trust you,” then say together “The door is open. Please come in.” If an entity has been around, it’s now inside.
Open your eyes then pass the camera around between you, each of you taking a picture (don’t forget the flash) and say “I caught you.” However, do not look at the photos yet as this process will need to be repeated 3 times.
To end the game (and send the entity back), everyone needs to say together, “It is time to go home” then turn the mirrors face down. Now it’s time to turn on the lights, cut the rope breaking the circle, and poor the alcohol outside. Look at the photos. What did you capture?

From Giphy

The Cat Scratch Game

This is one of those games that many truly swear by and could leave you quite shaken up so play this with a friend. To play the game, there isn’t much to do: Lie on the back with your head resting on your friend’s lap. While your friend tells you one of two cat stories, they gently massage your temples. The stories are decent in size as one contains the plot of an elderly lady who owned a cat, the cat was gentle as it purred and meowed. Though, one day, the cat died after being hit by a car.
Once your friend is finished reciting, stand up and pull up your shirt to reveal your back. If it worked, you’ll likely have a few red scratch marks on or many all over your back. If your friend is brave enough, switch roles!
Although some have experienced the eeriness of this game, there’s no explanation as to why it works. You could just be pissing off a dead cat. Who knows?

The Thumb Game

The Thumb Game comes with a bit of backstory as its based on a Japanese legend about a woman who was murdered by a serial killer then dismembered. The police were able to find her body parts, all except for her left thumb.
Now that that’s engraved in your head, lets talk about how to play. Get three other friends who are up for an interesting night and sit in a circle. Light a candle and sit it in the middle. Each participant holds the thumb of the person to their right (thus, holding the left thumb).
Close your eyes and repeat these words together: “Oyayubi, Oyayubi, hear our voices. Oyayubi, Oyayubi, grant our wish.” Supposedly, you get transported back to the place where the killing took place seconds after the words are spoken. Look around and see if you can find the deceased girl’s missing left thumb then you’ll be sent back home, safe and sound. Though hopefully, everyone comes back, thumbs attached…

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Comment below if you tried one of these games and what your results were…
In the meantime, thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful New Year so far!
Come back soon for more History and Haunts!

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