Can Your Pet See the Dead?

When I was a child, I lived in a house that once belonged to a family that died (in a way I am still unsure of) though they never left. At the time, we had two Shetland Sheepdogs, very smart, very playful dogs. Though often times, we’d see one or both of them look at a strange empty space in one of the rooms. My family had always known our house was haunted, however, we find ourselves wondering if not only we knew, but our dogs did too.


Sometimes they would only sit and stare at an empty space. However, there were times where their gazes transformed into anger or fear and they’d become rigid, would bark, causing alarm in all of us. What were they fixed on and why was it causing this kind of reaction out of our pets? Of course, we were terrified. We couldn’t see it, but they were agitated at something.

We don’t really know what animals see or what they sense. But we can experience how they act when in a certain situation or location and draw rational (or not so rational) conclusions of our own. I believe when it comes to being sensitive, in a paranormal sense, it depends on the mind, burdened or unburdened: innocent or not so. We think of animals as being pure, their mind incorruptible. In that viewpoint, does that mean they can see or feel thinks that we cannot? Has humans we can choose to block out things that scare us, but do animals have that same ability? From a personal standpoint, no, I don’t think they just ignore or turn a blind eye to what is there. And I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

You can search multiple stories across the internet and search words the are used by people who are genuinely afraid that their beloved pets are noticing something that they are not. It is a pretty scary thought if you think about it. You’re watching a show or a movie, reading a book, going about your day and your pet starts barking or growling aggressively in the corner of the room. Nothing is there, just a corner. But why? Why would your pet just randomly choose to become ballistic at a random spot in the room? That’s the thing: they wouldn’t. What are they reacting to? Are they trying to warn you…protect you from something?

Below is a video that I took at my mother’s house. Let me give a little bit of backstory: My mother owns 3 Pomeranians and the stairs have been source of unusual attention for them. Not only for them for my mother and myself when I visit. It always feels like something is lingering on them, protecting them maybe. On a visit to see my mother and my stepfather, I recorded this video midday when one of the dogs refused to go up that set of stairs, acting very strange, reacting in a way it shouldn’t..

I’m sure many of you will write this off as being nothing more than a dog barking at some stairs and that’s perfectly fine! I want to hear what you think of the video! I will say this is not sure evidence that animals can see ghosts but it helps me continue to believe. I was there to witness as my mother confirmed that while it did happen sometimes, this wasn’t Phantom’s (dog’s name) usual behavior but it was obvious there was something about going up those stairs that frightened him. Also, let me point out that he is perfectly capable of going up them, it’s not like he isn’t able to.

But as much as I’d like to get a definitive answer as to whether or not animals can see the deceased, we just don’t know. But we can’t argue that many animals have senses that are far superior than to our own. So is it such a crazy idea that animals can see and sense things that we cannot?

While to many, this thought can be comforting, the idea that our pets may be able to detect our lost loved ones, you may not want to assume such a thing right away. There’s a reason your pet is reacting to it. Maybe it’s a good reason, maybe it’s not a reason we don’t want to know as you may want to ignore the idea altogether. Again, do as you will, but the next time your pet stops and stares at the corner of the room, it may be worth noting.

I’d love to not only hear your feedback but I would love to see or read about any spooky experiences that you’ve had with your pets. Have a video similar to the one above? Email me at Thank you for tuning in to this weeks post and if you liked it, please give it a thumbs up or a clap and you can subscribe for more History and Haunts here:

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