Creepy Facts and Stories That May Haunt You Tonight

When it comes to this blog, I’m always searching for spooky paranormal topics that will hopefully intrigue you. And although I’ve never really had the goal of scaring you, I know I’m not the only person in the world who loves being scared when it comes to the macabre and horror.
So what’s more scarier than the truth?
I’ve done extensive and heavy research to bring you some of the creepiest facts and stories I’ve come across.
I will warn you though, if you are easily disturbed or get easily anxious, you may want to skip out on this week’s post.

Elmer McCurdy

A mummified body that belonged to a man named Elmer McCurdy was discovered in 1975 at an amusement park by a television crew. It wasn’t until he was bumped into and his arm came off that they uncovered the horrifying truth. His body had been displayed for years until he ended up at the park and would often be mistaken as a wax figure. Elmer died in 1911 during a shootout.

There’s an abandoned church in Minnesota where exorcisms took place but when they were not successful, the victims would be kept and locked in the basement.

Many believe that the Capitol building in Washington DC is haunted by a demonic cat that is said to have appeared before major incidents. It was reportedly spotted by guards just before Abe Lincoln was assassinated and again before the death of JFK. The cat hasn’t been seen in years but due to a set of mysterious pawprints in the floor, many believe that this proves it’s existence.

The similarities between the deaths of two certain women is plain strange. They were born 157 (both 20) years apart but on the same day and died on the same day (May 27). The night of their deaths, they met with a friend and changed their dresses before heading to a dance where they both met their murderers. But that’s not all. They were killed in the same spot near Pype Haynes Park in the exact same way by men whose last names were Thornton. The killers were also both deemed not guilty.

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Well, there’s a reason for that as someone likely does have their eyes on you. Your brain is able to detect whether someone is staring at you or a few inches from you.

The inventors of the Ouija Board used the board itself to receive the naming idea. It gave them the name “Ouija” and when they asked what the word meant, it said “Good luck”.

In California in the 1980s, there was a family that owned a ceramics factory until it was discovered to really be an illegal crematorium. A passerby recognized the smell of the burning bodies due to their time spent at a concentration camp.

The notorious murderer, H. H. Holmes was said to have renovated a building (pictured above) to specifically kill people with over one hundred windowless rooms and many mazes and traps. He confessed to killing 27 people but the number could of been as high as 200.

Do you ever walk by someone and wonder if they’ve ever done anything bad? Well, the average person will walk by a killer around 36 times in their life. So if you ever wonder, it may be best not to know and keep walking…

Are you afraid of being alone in the dark or are afraid darkness itself? Its not that you’re afraid or fear being alone in a certain place but rather you’re scared of what may lurk in the darkness or what be there with you. You’re not afraid of being by yourself. You’re afraid of NOT being by yourself.

If you’ve ever stood on the edge of cliff or a dangerous spot, have you thought about stepping off? Its a terrifying thought but many people have this thought from time to time more than they’d like to admit. You don’t actually want to do it and you don’t do it though. But this is referred to by the French as l’appel du vide which means the ‘call of the void’.

You’re body is at its weakest between 3-4 in the morning which why a lot of people die in their sleep. That time is also known as the witching hour or “dead time” when it’s believed that the veil between our world and the next is thinnest. Seems like more than a coincidence now.

When you swim in the ocean in most large bodies of water, you’re technically swimming with the remains of the dead. Think about it. There have been countless of bodies not only missing but are often found in water and people have been burying the dead at sea for many, many years.

Most of use should know about the very famous novel, Frankenstein. The author, Mary Shelley had a dark secret that was discovered a year after her death (1851). She kept the heart of her deceased husband and carried it with her for around 30 years. It was found in her desk drawer and was wrapped in a copy of one of his last poems. Isn’t that romantic?

A man was sentenced to life in prison in 1897 based off of a ghost’s testimony. The Greenbrier Ghost was the name given to a spirit who visited her mother to confess that she was murdered by her husband. At first, her death was ruled to have happened by natural causes but the mother testified and the woman’s report lined up with the apparition’s statements.

You know when you twitch in your dream as your about to fall asleep or when you fall in your sleep? It’s actually your brain reacting because it thinks you’re dying. Think about that the next time you twitch.

I hope this didn’t scare you too much 😉

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