Celebrity Believers

There are many paranormal believers out there. If you were to gather a group of people into one room, you would surely have one or two believers among you. Paranormal phenomena is even more common than we think it is and isn’t limited to those who are not in the public eye. Countless celebrities have spoken openly about their views and experiences with the paranormal realm. Below are just a handful of public individuals who have had an encounter or two with the deceased.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu spoke openly on Jimmy Kimmel Live! about an apparition that he saw as a child. At the age of 6 or 7, living in New York City, he spotted an empty jacket waving about in one of the doorways of where he was residing. There wasn’t a body to accompany the jacket and it disappeared suddenly and quickly.

Ariana Grande

By Cosmopolitan UK (Edited/Filter)

The pop singer talked about a terrifying experience at Stull Cemetery, where she believed that she encountered a demonic entity or even more. The previous day, she had visited a haunted castle but was excited about exploring Stull as many people deemed it as being one of the seven gates of Hell. Upon arrival, she felt an overwhelming sick feeling and began smelling sulfur (along with others who were with her) and a fly suddenly appearing in the car. Out of fear, they left but before they did, Ariana rolled down the window and apologizing for disturbing their peace. She also claimed to have taken of picture where three demonic faces distinctly appeared…

Demi Lovato

By Neon Tommy (Edited/Filter)

For a Buzzfeed article, Demi shared her ghostly encounter about a little girl named ‘Emily’ that resides in her childhood home in Texas. She stated that she had a medium visit her home along with a team of ghost hunters and they all told her the same name, ‘Emily.’ She spotted her numerous times as she grew up, turning her into a paranormal believer as she believes everyone can tune into that part of their brain. She then shares how she believes she has a very strong connection to the afterlife and can tell if something happened at a location and if it’s inhabited by ghosts and spirits.

Lily Collins

By Gage Skidmore (Edited/Filter)

While preparing and filming for her role for Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, she would wake up at approximately 3:05 every night due to flashes that she later deemed as being the victims of Ted Bundy visiting her and thanking her for telling their story. She didn’t feel frightened but rather supported, she told The Guardian.

Emma Stone

Source (Edited/Filter)

When she appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, Emma Stone talked about paranormal encounters with her late grandfather. After numerous instances with phantom coins appearing, she established that it was him. Although she didn’t know him, she knew that her family had a long history with quarters. She stated that it’s not logical but magical.

Matthew McConaughey

By David Torcivia (Edited/Filter)

The actor addressed the hauntings in his Hollywood home while doing press for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009). He mentions a name, Madame Blue (or Bleu) and explains how she wasn’t happy and how it wouldn’t be much fun with her around but Matthew stood his ground against her, saying that she could move around all she wanted but that he wouldn’t leave. Guests would often say the same thing, “There’s somebody down in that hall.” He continued to say that he eventually stopped getting visits from her.

Selena Gomez

By Gracie Otto (Edited/Filter)

While on The Tonight Show in 2015, the pop singer explains her belief in ghosts and talked about her experience with a ghost app as she also believes that they can tap into technology (like plenty of other believers). She goes on to say that it’s said names of people she knew and who were in her life and that it detected presences around her. She commonly used the app to detect if anything (or anyone) was around her in venues. She the proceeded to use the app as Jimmy Fallon casually joked around, saying that it’s a pretty old venue.

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