International Spooks: The World’s Creepiest Islands

On Paranormal Ally, we’ve discussed some of the creepiest and spookiest places across the United States and the world. But I’ve never thought about how haunting islands could be as they are prone to seclusion and secrets. Who knows what stories they hold? Let’s find out…

Warning: the following post contain stories of murder and suicide.

Daska Island

Located in the Adriatic Sea, near Croatia is the unoccupied Daska Island. It was the site of gruesome executions after Nazi rule of the region was overturned. 300 suspected Nazi collaborators were then arrested in Dubrovnik by socialist Yugoslav Partisans and 53 of these men were located to Daska to be executed, their bodies left in the open. This event was known as the Daska Massacre.

Later in 2009, six bodies were discovered on the island and soon after, the Daksa 1944/45 Association stated that 48 bodies were found, most of the identities remained unknown. Today, people of Dubrovnik refuse to go near the island due to its dark and unforgiving past.

Deadman’s Island

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia is an island designated as Deadman’s Island because of the murderous past that it withholds. It was the sight of a battle between Native Americans and rival tribes, over 200 people being killed during. Upon discovering the island, the first white settlers also discovered hundreds of cedar boxes hung up in trees which had eventually fallen to reveal bones upon bones, being the burial ground of the Squamish people. It then continued to be utilized as a cemetery as it became a quarantine site for those with smallpox. Those who died during the pandemic were then buried on the island as well.

Today, it is the site of Vancouver’s Naval Reserve Division and many tall buildings. But even though the island is being used, hauntings of the island have been reported for the past hundred years.


Located near Venice, Italy is the island Poveglia. It dates back to the year 421 according to historical records and was populated until 1379 when they fled from warfare.

But starting around 1776, the island was used for quarantine for those plagued by various sicknesses (and quite literally the plague) for about a century. It was later turned into a mental hospital where doctors would experiment and torture their patients in unconventional attempts to cure insanity. It is cause of this that the island has been featured on different paranormal television shows such as Ghost Adventures and Scariest Places on Earth. In 1968, the mental hospital shut down and the island has been abandoned ever since.

Gaiola Island

Off the Western coast of Italy is Gaiola Island, one of the minor islands of Naples in the Tyrrhenian Sea. This island used to represent wealth and prosperity until uncanny and unfortunate events fell upon every owner. Rumors of a curse began to circulate in the 1920s when the current owner was found dead in a rolled up carpet then his wife drowned in what people thought were calm and gentle waters of the sea. After the island was passed onto the next owner, he suffered a heart attack shortly after.

The tragedy didn’t stop there. The next owner committed suicide on the island after obtaining ownership as did the next owner, the son of Gianni Agnelli (head of Fiat). Agnelli’s nephew then died of an extremely rare cancer after inheriting the Fiat fortune and the island. The next owner went bankrupt and then the island was bought by another unlucky individual who was then kidnapped… Since then, the island has been up for sale. I certainly wouldn’t buy it as this seems like too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence…

Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight - The World's Creepiest Islands.

Established in 1890, the Isle of Wight is the second most populated island in the United Kingdom. Although there are plenty of locations on the island where paranormal activity occurs, the Ventnor Botanic Gardens and Knighton Gorges manor are said to be the most active. Knighton Gorges manor was demolished in 1821 but during New Years, it is said to reappear with the sound of a party coming from inside.

The Ventnor Botanic Garden now resides where The Royal National Hospital for Diseases of the Chest once stood. Some of those who visit have spotted men roaming the gardens as well as hearing disembodied groaning and moaning, resembling what tuberculosis would of sounded when it was raging in the early 1900s.


Located off the coast of San Francisco, California, Alcatraz was in operation from 1934 until 1963. It is known for being one of the toughest jails in America and the prison to fear the most. The events that occurred play into its reputation, brutal and cruel. Often inmates would note the inhuman conditions claiming it gave way to their insanity. A writer fed into these claims in agreement, attacking the prison stating, “The whole institution is conductive to psychology that builds up a sinister ambitious attitude among prisoners.”

Alcatraz is high on the creepy list as reports of evil have been talked about since the Native Americans were on the island, long before it became a military prison. Mark Twain himself described the atmosphere of the prison, “Being as cold as winter, even in the summer months.” Prisoners have long reported being terrorized by dark and evil forces. One eyewitness claims to see have spotted red eyes that got brighter and brighter. Heavy energies of darkness, difficulty breathing, and discomfort are reported by almost everyone that visits. Read more on Alcatraz HERE.

Would you visit any of these creepy islands? HAVE you visited any of them? I’d love to know! And if you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to subscribe below so you never miss the history and haunts! And if you want to show your support, stop by the Paranormal Ally Shop and treat yourself to a haunting t-shirt!

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