The Paranormal Side of the Moon

For ages, we have looked upon the moon in amazement, believing that it has mystical properties that can have an effect on us and our planet like our ancestors did when they based the calenders they built on the phases of the moon. Although that system may have changed a bit, there is just no denying just how strong our connection with the moon is – both in our realm and in the spirit world.

How Does the Moon Effect Us?

It must be a full moon, right? You’ve likely heard this saying and have likely even said it yourself. Well usually, this happens when we feel overemotional or antsy during a certain time, noticeably around the time of a full moon. Some of us believe that it just makes you or others seem like a lunatic. Well, do you know what that word really means? Lunatic (derived from the word lunar, meaning moon) literally refers to someone that goes crazy during a full moon.
The fact that we are made up mostly of water and that the moon pulls at the ocean’s tides makes it seem very likely that the moon could have some sort of pull on us. And if the moon can have an effect on us while we are alive, why wouldn’t it affect those who have died that still wander the earth as a spirit?

Legends and Superstitions of the Moon

Have you ever thought as to why werewolves shapeshift on a full moon? In ancient times, shamans practiced and believed that werewolves were spirits who could roam in our world and into the next one. Shamans would perform shape-shifting rituals that could only be conducted under the glowing light of a full moon, in the woods at night. There have been countless reports of people spotting what they believe to be werewolves to this day. Do you know when they say the sightings usually occur? You guessed it: during the full moon.

Since colonial times, many would interpret the color and size of the moon as something specific for the future. For example, if there was a ring around the moon, it meant either rain or snow would come. In the Ozark Mountains, many believed that if the moon shined onto your bed while you were asleep that you would wake up completely and utterly insane the following morning. And it was also very unlucky to bathe your baby in the moonlight. I’m not sure if there are people that believe in these superstitions today or not but there are those in modern times that utilize the moon’s energy, like for farming and harvesting (hence, the harvest moon).

Ghost Hunting on a Full Moon

There are many paranormal experts that believe the full moon affects the level of paranormal activity as it potentially causes the quieter spirits to become more active. Houses that are usually calm and silent become a swarm of paranormal havoc and activity on a full moon.

What do you think? Have you experienced more hauntings and paranormal occurrences on the night of a full moon? Please let me know as I’d love to hear your take! I, personally, cannot attest to the belief but that doesn’t mean I disregard it as I think it makes perfect sense. I already get a bit agitated and irritable on full moons already so the possibility wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest!

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